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Based on the West Coast, Goldrook is a small, independent, full-service publisher, focused on reading that entertains and informs in new ways, whether fiction or non-fiction. Our books delve into ground-breaking strategies and tactics that help our readers better navigate their personal and professional lives. We are only now, in 2019, looking to expand beyond our initial publications, and will be highly selective as we do so.

Negotiation Press is an imprint of Goldrook, as well as our distributor of record, publishing subject matter in the realm of influence, negotiation and decision-making. 

We give authors better terms than standard publishers because our model allows for that; we expect each of our books to be a bestseller, which means we can afford to pay accordingly. 

If you believe that you have an exceptional idea or book that matches up well with our distinct approach to publishing excellence, please be in touch. If we’re interested, you’ll hear back from us.  

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